02/08/2018 11:14 BST | Updated 02/08/2018 16:43 BST

'X Factor' Introduces 'Britain's Got Talent'-Style Golden Buzzer For Six Chair Challenge

It seems they've been borrowing from their sister show.

‘X Factor’ bosses have unveiled a brand new twist for the controversial Six Chair Challenge round (yes, they’re bringing it back. No, we don’t know why either). 

Well, we say “brand new”, but it seems very similar to a feature on sister show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, as the judges will have the use of a ‘Golden X’. 

Sound familiar?

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The 'X Factor' 2018 judges

The twist allows each of the judges to give away one “Guaranteed Safe Seat” to give away as they whittle down their category. 

If they definitely want to see the act at Judges Houses, they can press the Golden X to give them a “safe seat”. 

This means the act can’t be swapped out when more contestants take to the stage, and they will automatically proceed to the next round. 

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed which of the judges will mentor each category. 

After years in one of the UK’s biggest boybands, former Take Thatter Robbie Williams will look after the Groups, while his wife Ayda Field will mentor the Overs. 

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson will mentor the Boys, while Simon Cowell is taking charge of the Girls.

Sharon Osbourne will take up an impartial role on the panel as she will still feature in the live shows. 

Ian West - PA Images via Getty Images
Ayda has defended her position on the 'X Factor' panel

Ayda’s appointment on the show was met with some raised eyebrows due to her lack of music industry experience. 

However, she recently defended herself from the backlash, stating: “I think for me, on a professional level, I’ve auditioned for years.... I know what it’s like to have the stakes high. To put it all out there. I know what it’s like to get the job, I also know what it’s like to lose the job.”

She continued: “I think being with Rob for 12 years... I’ve been every step of the way with him. I have a huge amount of empathy for the process. I know what it takes from creating the songs... to promoting, to live shows. It’s a very emotional process.

“I’m excited to be that rock and that stability and that guidance for my group. And to help some people out, help them achieve their dreams. I’m really excited about that.”

“And as a member of the general public, which I love,” she added. “Because this is about the general public!”

‘The X Factor’ returns to ITV in the autumn. 

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