18 Hacks To Get Your House Hibernation Ready And Maximise Your Rest Time

As we had into autumn, it's all about the cosy vibes – and they needn't cost a lot.
All the cosy buys you need to sleep better and stay warm all winter long
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All the cosy buys you need to sleep better and stay warm all winter long

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From autumn into winter, you’ll probably be looking to up the cosy, comfortable vibes in your home – especially your bedroom, as you try to maximise sleep.

This is something I do every year and, FYI, it really is worth it. But thanks to the cost of living crisis, it’s become a bigger priority – but also a challenge. We’re all looking for cheap ways to keep ourselves (and our homes) warm this winter, without generating a hellishly large energy bill, of course.

To help you get your home hibernation-ready and boost your comfort, even in the colder months, we’ve put together a guide to all the best snuggly buys that will keep you cosy, without using too much energy.

From oversized hooded blankets to cloud-like feather duvets, here’s how to prep your hibernation for the months ahead.

Take a hot drink to bed with you in a thermal bottle
In the colder months, I like to fill thermal bottle (that stays warm all night long) with a hot drink before bed. That way, if I wake up in the night feeling, I have a ready made hot drink on hand to warm me up. This Chilly bottle, which keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours, is perfect for this.
Stay cosy with this extra -ong hot water bottle
Whether you snuggle up with this seriously long hot water pouch or pop it in your bed to warm the sheet before you get in, this is a great buy. It's low-cost to heat up and will ensure you stay warm all night long.
Swap out your summer duvet
To ensure you're able to keep warm at night, swap your low tog summer duvet for a cosier 13.5 tog feather alternative. This machine washable goose feather and down duvet is utterly cloud like (I always opt for a feather duvet in winter as they just feel so much cosier.)
Keep your feet snug with these fluffy slippers
If your feet get cold, the rest of you feels cold. So, even when you're pottering around the house or chilling out on the sofa, it pays to keep your feet warm. These sheepskin slip-ons are a perfect buy for keeping your tootsies toasty all winter long.
Keep your feet cosy with fluffy socks
Keep your feet nice and warm with a pair of super soft fluffy socks from Joules. I can vouch for just how cosy these are and this set also comes with a nourishing foot cream, ideal for keeping your feet soft and smooth, despite the changing weather.
Wrap yourself in this electric shawl
For when you're snuggling up on the sofa or sat in bed, this wearable heated blanket is the one. It wraps around your shoulders, ensuring that you stay warm regardless of how cold the weather (and your home) is.
Use aromatherapy to calm and soothe
Place this ceramic, ultrasonic essential oil diffuser by your bed and pop a few drops of calming lavender oil. Featuring an LED light and timer, it will gently diffuse your oil of choice into the room, helping to calm your mind and soothe your body, aiding sleep and relaxation.
Relax your mind and body with a tranquil bath
For a pre-bedtime soak, these luxurious lavender, camomile and vetivert bath salts are a godsend. The minute I sprinkle these into my bath. I begin to relaxed.
Warm your bed with an electric blanket
Instead of slipping into a freezing cold bed, warm up the mattress with this durable electric blanket that features ultra-fast warm-up time and advanced heating elements. It also has quick-tie straps for a snugger, more secure fit.
Shower with lavender scented-products
If you're hopping in the shower before bed, using lavender-scented products, like this vegan shampoo, could make drifting off a little easier. FYI, this eco range also features relaxing shower gel, soap, and hand wash.
Use white noise to drift off more easily
Struggle to get to sleep (or stay asleep)? White noise can be a total game-changer. This portable sound machine plays a section of soothing sounds, giving you a choice of what kind of white noise you listen to.
Up your bed comfort with a mattress topper
Feel like your bed isn’t as comfortable as it could be but can’t afford to replace the mattress at the mo? How about adding a gel-infused mattress topper instead? This one comes with a removable, washable, hypoallergenic bamboo cover, is super comfortable and supportive, and ideal for upping your bedtime comfort levels.
Snuggle up in an Oodie
For staying warm and feeling snuggly, there’s nothing cosier than one of Oodle's oversized hooded blankets. I have one myself and in the winter I literally never take it off.
Calm your mind with this sleep-friendly lotion
This lavender-scented lotion is hailed as a sleep saviour by parents for helping their kids to drift off more easily. Apparently, it works for adults too. So, if you struggle to sleep, pop a little of this on the soles of your feet and you should drift off more easily.
Top your bed with a cosy throw
Make your bed even cosier (and keep the heat in more easily) with this double-sized quilted throw. It's soft, comfy, and comes with two matching pillow cases.
Upgrade your bed with memory foam pillows
Find your pillows a little uncomfortable? Why not swap out your old, flat ones for gel filled pillows that are breathable, machine washable and work for side, back and front sleepers. (I'm a side and front sleeper, so this kind of pillow is a winner for me.)
Spritz your bedding with this soothing scent
For those cold winter nights when you just can't seem to drift off, this soothing pillow and bed linen mist is a nice does of luxury. Simply spritz your bedding and you should fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
Keep your toes warm with a fluffy rug
This faux sheepskin rug (which, FYI, looks and feels super authentic) is so snuggly and soft, and ideal for keeping your feet warm when you jump in and out of bed.