Exclusive: YouGov Poll Reveals 64% Want Second Brexit Referendum

Research, commissioned by Hope Not Hate and Best For Britain, also showed 11% lead for Remain.

Trust in politicians to deliver a good Brexit deal is collapsing and a growing number of voters want a second referendum, according to a new poll.

The research, commissioned by Hope Not Hate and Best for Britain, showed 64% want a fresh vote to break the parliamentary deadlock. A majority (67%) also believe the government cannot deliver a deal.

Nearly 80% of Labour voters said they would back a re-run of the 2016 referendum – a figure which will add to pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to support a so-called People’s Vote.

The YouGov poll of 1,660 Brits also underlined the depth of negativity associated with Brexit, with 58% pessimistic about the future and 62% saying Brexit is feeding prejudice and division.

The research showed Remain to now have an 11% lead, but also posed a dilemma for power-holders as 48% (and 78% of Brexit voters) said anything other than a no-deal Brexit would be a betrayal.

YouGov Poll Results

Second referendum

  • 64% want a second referendum to break the parliamentary deadlock, a figure which rises to 79% among Labour voters. Among Labour leave voters the split is 50/50.

  • 56% would support a public vote on three options (May’s deal, no-deal, remain); 44% oppose. This rises to 70.4% among Labour voters. Amongst Labour leave voters the split is 39% supporting and 61% opposing.

No trust

  • 67% do not trust the government to deliver a good Brexit deal (up from 60% in July). Just 20% still believe the government is capable to delivering a good Brexit. This rose to 82% among Labour voters and 78% among Labour leave voters.

  • 68% of people say none of the political parties speak for them (up from 61% in July)

  • 58% are pessimistic about the future (up from 51%).

  • 62% think Brexit is feeding prejudice and division (up from 57%).


  • 49% say a no-deal Brexit would be bad – with 16% saying it would be good. Amongst Labour voters the same figures were 67% and 8% respectively.

  • 48% (and 78% of Brexit voters) say anything less than a clean break with the EU would be a betrayal.


  • 11% lead for Remain over Leave. Among Labour voters, there is now 72% support for staying in the EU and just 66% of Labour voters who backed Brexit in 2016 would vote Leave in a new referendum

Nick Lowles, chief executive of Hope Not Hate, called for ministers to put a second referendum on the table, despite concern that the move could feed far right anger.

Blogging for HuffPost UK, he said Brexit was “paralysing Britain”.

“There’s a clear majority now against Brexit and with Parliament’s inability to take a decision, people want to take back control and have a final say in a second referendum,” he added.

Eloise’s Todd, chief executive of the pro-EU campaign group Best for Britain, told HuffPost UK said Labour had a duty to speak up for its pro-remain support base.

She said: “Labour voters are wise to the impact of Brexit, and the vast majority want to stay in the EU.

“The case for Labour coming out with a clear position in favour of rebuilding Britain from within the EU, not from outside, is overwhelming.

“It’s time for Labour to back giving the people a final say, and to commit to fighting against May’s deal in a public vote on the deal.”


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