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Trans activists, educators and health professionals on how you can be an ally to the trans community. Five easy steps from The University of Hong Kong lecturer Brenda Alegre PHD, performer Brandy X, personal trainer Cairo Nevitt and NHS Sexual health specialist nurse Neil Baulita.
In this film we follow boylesque and burlesque performer Mark Anthony as they undergo top surgery and perform for the first time in the body that reflects how they identify. The performer is a trans-masculine non-binary drag king who identifies as neither male nor female. Under the UK’s 2004 Gender Recognition Act, Mark’s gender doesn’t legally exist.
Hannah Deacon’s son Alfie has refractory epilepsy and after years of fighting in court, was given Britain’s first medicinal cannabis prescription to improve his quality of life. However, with only two weeks notice, the Brexit deal agreed upon by the British government means that Alfie can no longer import his prescription from the Netherlands, leaving the family to once again face having to fight to give Alfie any semblance of a seizure-free life.
Scottish professional gay porn actor Marc McCaulay has been nominated for five adult entertainment ‘Prowler Awards’, which the MOD and the Air Force congratulated the reservist for in their internal magazine.
In this video survivors of the windrush scandal speak about their lived experiences. The vast majority of Windrush compensation scheme claimants have yet to receive any payouts. Recent figures suggest just 15% have been awarded, while the human cost of the catastrophe cannot be quantified.
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is fighting against the institutions and systems in Britain to make farming a more diverse industry. He hopes that more diversity with the people involved will mean more diversity in produce and results.
Actor Ariyon Bakare recounts the moment he witnessed his father being racially attacked as a child and how it informed his decision to start iCARE, a platform for conversations about racial equality. Contributors on the platform include Misan Harriman, Stacy Martin and Eddie Marsan among others.
At 16, Faz and his brothers became housing insecure when their mother died. For Faz though things became even tougher when their identity presented issues and they struggled to find alternate living arrangements. After the local authority failed them Faz was essentially homeless until finding emergency shelter at the AKT emergency ‘Purple Door’ accommodation for LGBTQ+.
The BAME community has been disproportionately affected by coronavirus. This is something Hesketh Benoit experienced first hand. He has lost 37 friends to coronavirus since March. Nearly all were Black. He is now calling on the government to respond to the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on the BAME community.
To mark Rainbow Baby Day, which falls on August 22 this year, Shema Tariq and Katie Bonful want to celebrate the children they’ve had after loss – but also shine a light on what it’s really like to be in this position. Their united hope is to shatter the silence that still persists surrounding baby loss.