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The Rise of Donald and Boris, A New Era of Political Risk Takers

The egomaniacs are out in force. Baying for the revolution to continue. Even the Scots now have their exploitative chance to break the union. The civil war is raging. Even Trump is in the UK.

I totally understand where the sentiment comes from for last night's activities, and the UK's exit from the EU, the polarized and hate filled lies told by all sides has been excruciating and almost impossible to navigate for the untrained eye. We have to remember where this anger rose up from; we have to empathize with the inequality and social injustice that unfolded before our eyes. For years the working class have been under represented, repeatedly lied to and ignored, the chattering liberal middle class democrats failed them repeatedly when in coalition, the 'left' under Jeremy Corbyn is an unimaginable joke, with no credibility at all given Jeremy is little more than a whining unionist and glorified NGO who couldn't present a robust and compelling argument if his life depended on it.

We have to look to the beginnings of this chain of events to understand why the vote went the way it did. There is always a catalytic process that starts long before we think it does and the force majeure for me has always been the handling of the banking crisis and recession. Those responsible for government imposed austerity went unpunished, the banks were refinanced, the culprits largely went unchallenged.

To protect our foreign policy, all our aid and development finance went without reduction, it was ring fenced, meanwhile British working family credits and tax efficiencies were stopped or put out of reach by clever bureaucrats who knew how to make such applications so complex most gave up or didn't meet the impossible criteria. Working families could not reconcile why they were being punished and forsaken. Typically, those further down the food chain were hurt the hardest. On and on went the cuts, and no one listened. I was advising the Prime Ministers office at the time, on young people and NEETS (those young people not in education, employment and training) all my advice fell on deaf ears with the PMs team, however hard I argued and remonstrated, such is the elitist attitude of the high rolling PPE graduates of Oxbridge, given inner sanctum access and the nod of future success. The Prime Minister listened, as he always does, whatever people may think there are few more caring and compassionate in government than he, he is a remarkably honourable and compassionate man who cares deeply about young people and those in peril. His falling on the sword yesterday is an example to us all. Sadly the parasites who flock around him do not share the same virtues, a number of his ministers, his advisers, are abhorrent creatures intent on only self gain and conceited arrogance. I could wax lyrical about the arrogance and sheer lack of empathy that I have seen at No.10 and in the halls of the Cabinet Office. There is great leadership at the top, but appalling management at the core.

I think worst still there was no meaningful explanation given to those hurting! Since the loss of Andy Coulson as director of communications and the promptly sacked coalition government, which was ousted at the last election (which did a modest job at keeping the evil few in check, or accountable at least to Liberal Democrat spy network) the communication of the government to its mere mortal citizen become borderline Orwellian, (via the TV in the shape of Sky News in bounds of white noise). Then came the issue of immigration (hardly going to fall on gentle ear with the electorate when the above was raging is it?) and so those wishing to exploit this opportunity had their chance. Again, No.10 did not see this coming, or if it did, its mandarins and close-quarter-battle team were left with unloaded weapons and hungover. You see what happened next was what we call in the army 'psychological operations' or PsyOps, to exploit the ground truth in came the demagogues and mind police, those who told us they could make it all better, those who can spin a good tale with chest beating patriotic battle cries to rouse the downtrodden and browbeaten. Then came with their media machine in support, heavy weapons poised, the tabloid press run by the barons and titans of manipulation, without recourse and without any governance, the truly Orwellian Ministry of (Mis) Information, (funny that) inciting hatred and riling the bile to propagate anxiety and upset. Successfully. Finally in came our Prime Ministers best mate, waiting with the blade to stitch him up and execute a high risk a coup de tat, which frankly is all it was and is, exploitative Etonian backstabbing from a man who genuinely backs Europe and doesn't believe a word of his own diatribe. Sound familiar to Trump in the USA? Better get used to it, it's the new way, where politicians don't even believe their own campaigns or manifestos, they simply act and bluster their way to power then consider plausible advice from those with real knowledge and data.

So, where does this all lead, and what is the likely or unintended outcome? I think the UK will always be ok; we will create many bilateral treaties and do our diplomatic brilliance as we have always done, but it will take a long time, a lot of money and lot of sweat. We are a great great nation of reinventors, our history and contribution to this world is unmatched in all its glory, we are a proud and noble race that will endeavor to thrive not just survive as we realign our alliances with Europe. But those actually who wanted this most, this BREXIT thing, this act, this deed, this un-British escape, those whom it was meant to help will suffer likely the most. Those children of ours that will inherit the earth we pass on, likely more fragmented and more bureaucratic, more exposed to Russian deviancy and worldwide religious fundamentalism, with more red tape and barriers to move around the 27 or however many EU countries in which they will NOT be allowed to move so freely, millions and millions of less jobs perhaps for them to ponder and play over, less attractive French and Italian girls (or boys) to go and marry and elope with, without visas and work permits. We rarely act responsibly for our children, like the hundreds of thousands of baby boomers who voted this week without one shred of honour or decency, their time is passed yet they still felt it necessary to take one last parting swipe for their bigoted ideals.

To close, if we are in any doubt as to the ludicrous and stupendous stupidity in which this campaign has been rallied, think only of this, Osborne had the sheer audacity to threaten a nation of largely the most stubborn people on earth with higher taxation if they voted to leave. It was quite simply the most insane part of the entire process, it shows a complete lack of understanding of the British psyche, that he actually thought he could threaten us with punishment fiscal attack. Silly silly man, how wrong you were in thinking you understood this little Sceptred Isle's mind.