1922 Committee

The director general was confronted over the broadcaster's use of the word "terrorist" during a surprise appearance in front of the 1922 committee.
The 1922 Committee appearance comes amid criticism of the corporation for refusing to call Hamas terrorists.
One backbencher said the PM's supporters were "libertarian Jihadists who are wrecking the party" after a grim 1922 Committee meeting.
The powerful 1922 committee reveals details of the Conservative leadership election.
As Boris Johnson's premiership hangs in the balance, here's what could happen next.
There is a fight behind the scenes as the government is accused of "moving the goalposts" – so when will Britain reopen?
Critics have seized on the prime minister's meeting but Number 10 insists he follows social distancing.
"Don't think it couldn't happen here," prime minister tells lockdown-sceptics at the 1922 committee.
Boris Johnson tells 1922 committee that Brexit negotiations are like climbing Everest: "We're at the Hillary Step - you can see the summit but it's shrouded in cloud."
Each goes through to the first ballot on Thursday after winning 8 MPs needed to stay in contest.