2012 Summer Olympics

Whether it was the Queen parachuting in with James Bond during the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, or the hopeful chants of ‘football’s coming home’ as England made it to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, there have been plenty of moments to remember in the world of sport this decade.
In truth, the Olympics represent the world coming together. It is the world coming together in a time of crisis, in times of trouble, but coming together nonetheless. I watched in Wembley as people who had never been to Japan or France cheered with all their hearts for a team made up of people that did not speak their language.
So yes, the branding rules are strict. And yes, people's attentions have been more focused on their TVs than shop windows. But small businesses can - and have - used the Games to their advantage. BrandGB is a powerful thing; so let's use it both now and beyond London 2012.
More tickets for some of the most popular events at the Olympic Games go on sale today. Thousands of tickets for the opening
Royal Mail has unveiled stamps which will mark the forthcoming London Olympic Games. The "definitive" or everyday stamps
The silver, gold and bronze 2012 Olympic medals were unveiled today at an event in Trafalgar Square. The 85mm diameter and