He received dozens of threats via tweet, phone and email in the days after the story published.
What's more, The Daily Dot reports a 4chan forum then tried to retrospectively frame one of its own users for the mass shooting
A murder suspect reportedly posted images of his brutal murder of his girlfriend on Imgur and 4chan before attempting to
4chan has always catered to a very narrow group of people: be it manga and anime lovers in the beginning; to sad, angry and aggravated trolls whose premise of privacy is built on the idea that hacking iCloud is the user's fault.
Teh Internet is Serious Business (typo deliberate) at the Royal Court is a really exciting, dynamic production about collaborative hacktivism. Anonymous, LulzSec and 4Chan are all included in this show that blurs fact with fiction as it seeks to reflect the good and the sinister about lives lived online.
By now everyone will have heard, or at least heard of, Emma Watson's speech launching the UN Women's HeForShe campaign. Gender
The threat to release nude photos of the actress Emma Watson was a hoax designed to bring down 4chan. The threat was issued
A new hoax has surfaced which is convincing people that they can now wirelessly charge their iPhones in the microwave using
A screenshot has sold on eBay for $90,900 proving that it's not what you're selling it's how you're selling it. OR that people