Surely we can let go of our expectation that jobs must be office-based - and make flexibility the norm
When so much is changing in the world we need to continually question whether there are better ways of doing things. We now have the tools to work when and where we want and the demand to maintain flexible hours may finally put the 9-5 as we once knew it in the history books.
It is estimated that home workers make up a substantial 13.9% of the UK workforce with around 4.2 million workers taking advantage of this as an option in the first 3 months of 2014.
When I think back to my summer, I see colours. Blue skies, turquoise seas, lush green, paired with saffron from the glowing sun in Europe and a smudge of brown from Glastonbury mud. I felt like I was beginning to get my own palette of the world and painting a picture of what it had to offer.
Country legend Dolly Parton has signed up to oversee casting of her 9 To 5 musical in Britain. The stage show, based on Parton's