Abbey Road

The ex-Beatle delighted onlooking fans when he revisited the iconic zebra crossing at Abbey Road Studios.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and music legend on the people who made an impact on him and how he is nurturing new talent
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OK, so I confess this is not a blog about baking, rather it is about some of the musical ingredients that go into bringing
Mick and Brita's children's books are magical. From space to the food chain, recycling to what lurks underground, every day life is explained is a captivating way; I urge every parent to get a copy of Yum Yum, Yuck or What's up and see their child's curious eyes fill with pleasure.
There I was on the ropes at Abbey Road. Maybe it was a mistake to try and stand toe to toe with an uninterested, chatty audience. At least Jimmy Page was paying attention.
'David Bowie, Elton John, Pink Floyd, The is hard to believe that a single individual would be involved with so many all time greats' I tell legendary sound engineer and producer Ken Scott.
I've mentioned this before, but I still can't believe that at such an early age, we were all listening to music and taking it all in. Maybe it's because there was nothing on the telly in those days. I mean, in the UK we only had two channels - and they didn't start until 5pm. In black and white.
In September 1969, the Northern Star newspaper of Northern Illinois University ran a story claiming that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash in 1966 and had been replaced by a look-alike... One of the greatest urban legends ever, this story just grew and grew.
Rod Stewart was so happy he was wriggling, as he presented six tracks from his new album at a special session within the
HMV's flagship London store famously played its part in helping The Beatles land their record deal. In early February 1962
The piano where Paul played, the microphone where George hummed, the bed where John lay... are all part of the myth that
As dawn was breaking across London, the Paralympic torch was being carried through the capital towards the Olympic Park, where
As British human beings of the alive persuasion, and as human who have ears, we're Beatles fans here in the Huffington Post
As the ethical fashion and food categories of the RSPCA Good Business Awards are launched today, companies are finding that being animal welfare-friendly is better for business than it has ever been.
Abbey Road Studios burst onto the public pop consciousness when The Beatles were photographed on the zebra crossing outside
It was Pete Wylie's birthday yesterday. What a dude. A pop star in his own head.
Kylie Minogue is celebrating 25 years in showbusiness by re-recording some of her old hits. The Australian pop princess, who