From the Bristol judge to Belfast, Ghana, America and India, outdated laws and deep-rooted sexist attitudes tip the scales in favour of abusers
A group of acid attack survivors have sent the world a powerful message about redefining beauty by starring in a catwalk
I saw first-hand how years of civil war followed by the Ebola epidemic had left its mark. So three weeks ago, when I learned that a landslide had hit the country's capital, Freetown, and surrounding areas, I was beyond heartbroken. How much suffering and hardship can the people of Sierra Leone experience in one lifetime?
As we prepare to celebrate all things fatherly this Sunday, here's a look at three dads in rural Kenya who are standing up and speaking out to stop FGM and early marriage. Not only are they keeping their own daughters safe, they are setting an example to help protect future generations of young girls.
Restricting information and access to contraception and abortions, particularly for adolescent girls and already marginalised women, denies them control over their bodies. This undermines women's health and impacts women's ability to access education, work, and ability to participate in all areas of economic, political and social life.
For generations women's rights campaigners have been working to create a world where there is greater gender equity and parity
Millions of girls around the world live and work on the streets as a direct result of poverty. They are surviving with next to nothing, denied their basic rights, vulnerable, scared and alone. Many, having left home to escape abuse, are also now at greater risk of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and prostitution. Marginalised within society, they are invisible and amongst the hardest to reach and protect.
When the hurricane struck, communities banded together to ensure the most vulnerable - children and the elderly - were carried to safety. Once in temporary shelters it was women who mobilised to pool resources and ensure everyone was fed. They also made sure that teenage girls and single women slept away from the men, to ensure their safety.
As thousands of refugees continue to flee war zones and persecution in search of safety in Europe, and the EU debates how to deal with the worst refugee crisis since the second world war, it's the voices of refugees themselves that have been absent.