adolf hitler

The former president and 2024 Republican front-runner stood by his xenophobic remarks.
The rally remarks come from a former president who has criticised "vermin" political foes and pledged to be a dictator on "day one" of a new administration.
Jonathan Karl said the ex-president told him he wanted his followers to take his words to heart and added, "I believe the press is the enemy of the people."
The MSNBC host said the former president is showing exactly what he intends to do if elected again.
Two people have been charged for allegedly playing speeches by Adolf Hitler via the intercom of a train running from Bregenz to Vienna.
Trump is reported to have said Hitler "did a lot of good things".
Campaigners said his founding of the scouting movement “can be no excuse for his documented homophobia, racism and enthusiastic support of Hitler".
The founder of Ford Motor Co helped spread deeply anti-Semitic rhetoric and was considered by Hitler to be an inspiration.
Fears of a “new Hitler”, a toy London bus and buying bananas for the first time.