Students all over the world are facing the music with school exams in full swing at the moment - not to mention finals for those already at university. And with students being tested on more information across a wide range of subjects, remembering what you've been taught is vital.
Here's another official interview as part of my 'Career Chat' series. This week I am pleased to be interviewing Colin Campbell-Austin, Channel 4's People Development Manager. Here's some great pieces of advice for how you can kick-start your dream career in television.
'Ask A Grown Man' is an ongoing video series from Rookie, a website for teenage girls. As such, it deals in teenage girl
After seeing a copy of Mitchell Symons' brilliant book of advice for kids, Don't Wipe Your Bum With A Hedgehog, we asked
Mitchell Symons is a writer from London who, among many other achievements, pens hilarious children’s books. Packed with
Here is an exceptional resource, if you just started gigging and perform solo. Recently Tom Robinson ran this workshop for
Just imagine being removed as a child from your parents, into a stranger's home, and split up from your brother or sister. Moreover, there are delays in care proceedings and an estimated 10,000 shortage of foster carers.
Relationships are a minefield. For those suffering a broken heart, Valentine's Day may strike your heart cold with fear. Yet within this minefield there is massive room for learning. Heartache goes hand in hand with the evolution of you as a soulfully enlightened and aware being.
The rise of the smartphone has changed the way we consume information. Charities, government and those who provide public services need to pay attention to this shift if they're to move the feast closer to those most in need.
With forecasts of the UK's economic prospects for 2012 remaining gloomy, the chances are that many more people will be seeking new employment over the course of this year. With more well-qualified people seeking fewer jobs, strong networks will become ever-more relevant, as will a proactive approach.