As the police gave up on my case, my advocacy worker did as well - forgetting to even show up to an appointment
The decision to forego our time on campus in favour of advocacy should be a choice, as opposed to a pressure
Followers would constantly ask me how I got to be so comfortable in my own skin. Which of course, to an extent, I am. But what they wouldn't see, beyond the posts and the hashtags, were my anxiety attacks. The physical pain that the thought of leaving my bedroom would bring.
Research has broken the sound barrier. Research has produced plants that can tolerate drought. Research has made space exploration a feasible reality. Research makes the impossible, possible and one day, research will beat blood cancer.
ven more recently some of us have gathered forces internationally to form Citizen Network, a cooperative movement to act and advocate for citizenship for everyone. It is only when we realise that every single one us matters, in all our diversity and frailty, that we can create a world which is safe and secure for all of us.
For people with mental health conditions in inpatient wards, loneliness is compounded by stigma and shame. While everyone else on the outside world is carrying on with their lives, they feel shunned and forgotten about.
If we want the culture to change and the true value of trees to be recognised we need to speak up for the trees in our lives
The Commission on the Status of Women kicks off this week in New York and the movement for girls' rights is growing ever
Last week I published a post titled: Mental Illness Doesn't Make You Any Less Human - don't be afraid to speak up - I was
"Our advocates are so vibrant and vocal, but we know they won't always be there and so mentoring should always be a process