Kids sometimes act out. When does it cross a line?
Five other supporters have also been temporarily banned from Stamford Bridge for abusive language.
"People are scared, they are afraid to leave their homes."
While we know that technology can bring us much needed social and scientific advancements, we must always keep in mind the dangers that, if left unchecked, it can reap upon our humanity
Between 27C and 32C aggression and irritability are likely to be increased, psychologists say.
We have been very weak in our responses to Russia’s aggressive behaviour over the years and this has only emboldened them
A child’s aggressive and violent behaviour can be so unsettling and sometimes frightening it can make adults feel a need
While the High Court's decision is effectively the, somewhat perfunctory, end to the attempted prosecution of Mr. Blair for aggression, it does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of other legal action in respect of the invasion of Iraq or indeed in respect of future acts of aggression which may be committed by a British head of state.
It's important to remember that PDAers have little control over using avoidance, they cannot stop seeing a demand as something to avoid and they cannot control a panic attack/meltdown at all. PDA is a disability, with help a PDA person can learn to manage their avoidance and violence but they cannot completely remove the cause.
I am determined not to allow myself to be limited by my fear of interacting with people. Whether I was born with an inclination towards social anxiety or whether I happened to develop it, I'm desperate to overcome it.