Tory rebels have been denied a Commons vote designed to force the prime minister to maintain the 0.7% spending commitment.
This is what the chancellor's announcements mean for pay, jobs and spending.
Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai is among those to condemn the government for cutting funding in Wednesday's Spending Review.
In a highly unusual move, the former PM warns the UK will lose respect around the world due to Johnson's decision.
It would be a grave mistake to write this episode off as simply a clash between two personalities or even as an example of individual charities needing to do better in terms of the images they promote.
Charities accused of 'abject failure' to tackle scandal.
This week’s Spectator asks ‘Does aid do more harm than good?’ But there is absolutely no doubt in my mind
Alice with Faith (not her real name), one of the girls she mentors and supports to go to school. Photo: Eliza Powell/Camfed
The Labour Party has a tradition of inviting pre-eminent international speakers to address its conference. President Bill Clinton did it twice in 2002 and 2006, and the late, great, Nelson Mandela addressed the conference in Brighton in 2000.
The UK needs to bring its arms policy into line with its humanitarian principles. The devastation caused to the British Virgin