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Nearly a third of MPs will have to tackle illegal air pollution levels in their constituencies, a new study has found. Environmental
Michael Gove has promised to make cutting air pollution one of his top priorities in his new post. Speaking at a National
Most people said they would be prepared to chip in £2.50 a month.
The UK population is so worried about the effects of toxic air that most people would be prepared to pay into a fund to fight
And what you can do about it...
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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), exposure to air pollution is considered to be the biggest single environmental
Gran with three serious illnesses tells us about the human cost of ignoring air pollution.
On a sunny day, tourists often flock to the seaside town of Southend, Essex. But for resident Janet Morrison, who suffers
Just 9,000 diesel cars out of two million could be eligible for scrappage under new scheme.