Alexis Tsipras

Alexis Tsipras rejected as country wrestles with debt.
Like Varoufakis in 2015, Boris will play to the gallery and valiantly pretend to renegotiate – but when he fails, let’s hope he performs a Tsipras-style volte face and save himself and Britain from the consequences of no-deal.
There is no majority within any of the parties, in parliament, or the country for any sort of Brexit - could May escape by calling an election?
Via Flickr Another year, another round of fraught negotiations between international leaders about Greece, as Chancellor
In my last blog I described what it was like when we first came into contact with the people who had made the journey via
Pity the Greeks. Today as they commemorate their 'OHI' to Italy's fascist regime and their joining the Allies in World War II, instead of enjoying the traditional military parade as it snakes through the plateies festooned with white and blue ribbons and flags, they will be contemplating a far grimmer scenario...
When the new Greek finance minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, turned up to a make or break euro summit in July without a new bailout
Alexis Tsipras had to resign. The prime minister of Greece was elected in January on the promise of curbing the austerity
Greece was thrown into further disarray on Thursday with Alexis Tsipras expected to resign and call for snap elections just
The third Greek bailout deal has prompted a predictably mixed response in the British media, from positivity and cautious