Amelia Earhart

Mattel is also honoring a few living legends, including Olympian Chloe Kim, this International Women’s Day.
You probably don’t want to see one of these on a dark night.
A research group dedicated to finding out what happened to Amelia Earhart hopes to release intriguing new information amid
Legendary aviator Amelia Earhart mysteriously vanished while attempting the first around-the-world flight 80 years ago. An
The theory paints a grim picture of Amelia Earhart's last days
Trailblazing pilot Amelia Earhart died a castaway on a remote South Pacific island, pleading to be saved. That’s the opinion
Melinda Gates raised a timely alarm this week (Financial Times, Comment, 9th Nov 2015, "Investing in our families is a vital
Many people will be unaware of the female pilots of World War II's Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), but they have been a source of inspiration for me for many years. This civilian organisation consisted of pilots who ferried (often unfamiliar) warplanes between factories, maintenance units and front-line squadrons, playing a vital role in the war.