That's three full years spent in prison. Away from her family, including her young daughter Gabriella. Away from her friends, away from her charity work, away from her normal life.
This could be another reminder the UK will always put its relationship with a tyranny above their human rights
'The Government is planning to strip the British public of protections.'
President Jacob Zuma is expected to resign during an NEC meeting on Monday, as the ANC faces mounting pressure to finalise his exit from office.
"This is for those who say gun control doesn't work."
What is crucial in this crisis is the work being done by civil society, activists and journalists to monitor and document human rights violations and abuses. They work to shine a light on truth, and both record what has happened so it can be used in evidence in the transitional justice process, but also to confront the world with a tragedy that will not end.
Something is happening right across the island of Ireland. People are speaking out and mobilising like never before to show there can be no hiding from this issue. The silence and shame which has surrounded abortion for too long is over. On this day of reflection, advocacy and action, let's resolve to play our part in standing with women in both parts of Ireland and join their calls for an end to these outdated abortion laws.
There was always a starkly political quality to Chelsea Manning's case. Her unprecedented 35-year jail sentence was obviously designed to deter anyone from following her example. A crushing "pour encourager les autres" jail term that would have seen her left to languish in a maximum-security military prison until 2045. It was an exercise in political retribution, not justice.
In his speech at the Conservative Party conference, Boris Johnson talked at length about the influence of "Global Britain". But where is this influence when it comes to Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe? For once the foreign secretary should stop grandstanding and knuckle down to the real work of securing my constituent's freedom from an Iranian prison cell. Getting one young Hampstead mother out of jail might not be the kind of glorious, earth-shattering diplomatic triumph that Mr Johnson dreams of. But it would mean a huge amount to the people caught up in this nightmare.
Theresa May talked about the importance of a global response to the refugee crisis but she did not offer any more resettlement opportunities and of course, the UK is playing no part in this emergency programme to relocate refugees from Greece... I saw too much suffering in Greece and this pain shatters my heart. I do not like to be angry but I am full of anger and I am disgusted by this terrible indifference. The people I met last week were full of warmth, compassion and dignity, despite their despair and exhaustion, and they deserve so much more.