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Our politicians could learn a thing or two
As Angela Eagle prepares her leadership bid, there are reports that certain members of the Parliamentary Labour Party are regretting their decision to resign from shadow government positions.
In 2009, then Chancellor Alistair Darling appeared with Osborne, then Shadow Chancellor. John McDonnell interviewed by himself
TV ministerial interviews have been labelled an "endangered species" as The Huffington Post UK revealed the Government's
George Osborne today branded the BBC’s website as “imperial” as he called on the broadcaster to make a “contribution” to
Marr talks to an old fashioned, analogue audience which fails to recognise the power of social to enhance and inform an issue. The BBC has a mountain of data which it could use to open up the conversation about topical, current affairs issues in a productive way. They should do it.
Nick Clegg has accused the Tories of being "economically extreme" as he set out red lines for any future coalition negotiations
Alex Salmond has said the independence vote is a "once in a generation" opportunity as he pledged not to quickly bring back
Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of being "a cheerleader" for multi-billion pound pharmaceutical company Pfizer Pfizer's
Andrew Marr has been criticised on Twitter for asking the brother of Charles Saatchi about his broken marriage to Nigella