Angel Haze

Including rappers, actors and various other performers from across the industry.
For the past two weeks, HuffPost UK has been getting Loud & Proud, taking a deeper look at the ways that the entertainment
This weekend, some of the world’s biggest music stars will take to the stage at Wireless Festival in Birmingham and London
Angel Haze has spoken out about her relationship with Ireland Baldwin and made it clear that despite being labelled as 'friends
The pair have set tongues wagging ever since they began sharing loved-up snaps of each other on Instagram and Twitter over
The last day of SXSW and I found myself wandering around the supermarket hungover and a tear trickling down my cheek. This
I doubt very much that Banks is a homophobe. She has worked with many gay artists and is bisexual herself. But the fact that sales of her music have risen sharply since her tweet to Perez Hilton probably suggests that she won't be admonishing the homophobic members of her fan base any time soon... We all know that freedom of speech is fundamental to any democratic society. If you want to say the word "faggot" you are free to do so, but you should also accept the consequences.
Azealia Banks has taken to Twitter to call people's reactions to her homophobic slur against Perez Hilton "so hypocritical