Anita Rani

The Countryfile presenter competed on the BBC ballroom show in 2015.
Greg Whyte was there from the very first training session to the mountain's summit.
They're almost at the halfway point and there's been a LOT of altitude sickness.
'I am the first generation ever, in my family, to have a choice about my life.'
Anita Rani has credited ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ with “changing my life”, after taking part in the series back in 2015
I travel all the time - mainly for work and chances are a city will feature - even if I am going to the countryside or some far-flung destination - because cities are portals to lots of different places.
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‘Countryfile’ presenter Anita Rani has called for the BBC to act on its race pay gap, as well as its gender pay gap.  A recent
A new duo will be fronting the show on Fridays while Phil and Holly enjoy their break.