Ann Clwyd

The world is in such a volatile state at the moment: tens of thousands of refugees; the continuing tragedy in Syria after six years of war; the Yemen; North Korea; and, an unpredictable US President. In the UK, there are looming problems on health, education, social care and welfare. There is also the serious prospect of the breakup of the UK, as the First Minister of Scotland attempts to call a Second Referendum on independence. Having followed the difficult Peace Process in Northern Ireland throughout my time as an MP, I am genuinely concerned that the Government is causing harm in the region as it fails to end the political deadlock in Stormont. Against this background, it's clear that the Prime Minister is trying to protect her own back with a cut and run General Election. We need people sitting and discussing not knocking on doors.
Corbyn rebels among 114 who refused to back quitting EU.
MPs tonight voted in favour of triggering Article 50, a significant step towards Brexit. While more votes in the House of
MPs, many of whom once struggled to place Kurdistan on a map, are better informed and understand that Kurds are efficient allies in the common fight against Daish. This is eroding the deep resistance to involvement in Iraq, which came to be defined as a disaster of the first magnitude, and maybe Syria.
Britain cannot rule out having to send in ground troops to do "the dirty work" in the fight against Islamic State (IS) because
The Commons returned this week to a major statement from Prime Minister David Cameron on several international crises including Iraq. Denouncing Isil barbarism, he defined his position as providing equipment to the Kurdish forces and supporting US military air strikes...
As the Chair of the new consumer champion for patients and care users, I commend Ann for the strength and courage it clearly took to stand up and be counted. The Francis and Keogh reports, published earlier in 2013 clearly outlined some the systemic problems across health and social care, including those around complaints and feedback.
What would you like for christmas? I ask 93-year-old Winnie at the end of my daily morning visit. 'just a bit of company', she replies with a somewhat sad smile. 
"Ann Clwyd had expected that her gentle and genial husband, Owen Roberts, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, would be
A senior Labour MP has described how her husband died like a "battery hen" in hospital, telling The Guardian she feared "a