Anneliese Dodds

Richard Sharp was involved in arranging a guarantor on a loan of up to £800,000 for Boris Johnson, according to reports.
James Cleverly said the Tory chairman will survive until PMQs as he is a "very effective minister".
"We must ask if the government have the right priorities to tackle this epidemic of violence."
Chief whip Chris Heaton-Harris has referred the case to an independent panel.
Crispin Blunt wrote Imran Ahmad Khan was the victim of an "international scandal" after the Wakefield MP was found guilty.
Anneliese Dodds says MPs must be free from "fear of intimidation or violence".
Dodds replaces Marsha de Cordova who left the frontbench role last week.
Labour frontbencher says party will “confront financial mismanagement” and press government to offer “value for money".
Labour highlighted the comparative cost as the chancellor repeatedly refused to increase sick pay.
Labour's Anneliese Dodds urges Conservative MPs to vote with Labour on targeted extension.