Anthony Horowitz

'Perhaps it was brave of the BBC, but these two young men have nailed it.'
The success of current primetime crime drama ‘New Blood’ is vindication of writer Anthony Horowitz’s belief that a good story
Idris Elba has responded to recent comments made by ‘James Bond’ author Anthony Horowitz, who suggested he was “too street
In the past, Idris has made no secret of his desire to play James Bond, though earlier this year the 'Luther' star lamented
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER The author of the next James Bond novel has declared he does not think Idris Elba
In reading to my daughter when she was younger it became apparent that modern children's writing differs from the classics of my own childhood. Heidi and the Secret Garden might propel me back to the comforts of childhood, but for her fiction from the pre-TV era grated because the prose felt too descriptive.
Anthony Horowitz (right) is a man on the go - not just because the author has a new series of his ITV drama Foyle's War on