Anti-corruption champion John Penrose rails against large corporations and the super-rich, prompting one activist to accuse him of sounding "like a Labour MP".
Zamira Hajiyeva is the first person to be targeted by the UK’s new anti-corruption tool: the unexplained wealth order. Hajiyeva’s millions’ worth of property and extravagant shopping sprees are under investigation.
If Theresa May is serious about her promise of the UK remaining an "outward-looking and globally-minded and big-thinking country", it is vital that we continue to play a leading role in fighting corruption across the world. But we've had early warning signs that the Government's previous commitment to tackling corruption might be on the wane.
Just one person will be employed by the Government to work on a key part of its efforts to tackle international corruption
One of the reasons we've got so used to our car tax discs is that it shows that we've paid our bill. It's evidence that we've paid our dues, and one of many day-to-day demonstrations of transparency that we can take for granted.
Spend, spend, spend: London's retailers were rubbing their hands together in anticipation at the start of October, and not because of any early pre-Christmas splurge from UK shoppers. The glimmer in their eyes was down to an influx of thousands of Chinese tourists, who see London as one of the bona fide luxury centres of the world...