During Advertising Week and beyond, we need to reflect on the industry as a whole. We have an obligation to accurately represent women and drive equality through our storytelling. Feminism is not niche and it's not a fad. Equality of the sexes benefits us all - male and female - and it's good news for advertisers and publishers alike.
When I think back to key moments in my life, I was fortunate enough to have supportive mentors who helped provide me with guidance, ideas and confidence, to achieve my goals at different points in time. I think back to a teacher at my school who recognised my interest in international relations and helped me consider a study abroad programme...
It's an incredible feeling being part of such a force for positive change and seeing the results. I'd encourage anyone who is lucky enough to get involved to do so. Just getting involved in your own community can make a difference.
A group of teenagers have claimed to have hacked into the head of the CIA's personal AOL email account, which reportedly
For the younger generation, there's a lot of awkward things littered across the internet just waiting to pop up again and
After receiving the news that I had gained a place for the Virgin London Marathon in April, I thought that it would be a great idea to resurrect the iconic AOL running man logo. My aim is to complete the marathon dressed in full head-to-toe Running Man costume to raise money for the charity Free the Children.
For an ad tech industry used to talking so much about "data" these days, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that there
FORT LAUDERDALE -- Advertisers like to talk about their search for "premium" ad inventory - the kind of places that only