Here's why you need to take your case off before your charge your smartphone.
MacFinder is the perfect way to buy and sell your gadgets in a way that's kinder on your pursestrings.
We tried different alarm sounds — and asked an expert — so you can have the best wake-up experience possible.
You don't have to spend less time on your phone or laptop to keep harmful blue light from affecting your sleep and health.
There's also some amazing savings on iPhones, Apple Watches and MacBooks.
Do you know about Back Tap? Or how to activate the secret mouse?
Have you heard of "Night mode"? It's about to become your new best friend.
Here's what you need to know about the new iPhone update's text-editing capabilities.
Text messages come back to bite a lot of people. If you're wondering how you can permanently delete them, read this.
Taking better iPhone photos is just a few lesser-known settings away.
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