One tracker underestimated the distance of a marathon by 10.8 miles.
"Our hope is this series will be positive, enlightening and inclusive."
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will star in one of its first original shows.
The iPad Air has also been updated with new processors and Apple Pencil compatibility.
The internet turns 30 on 12 March and like most 30-year-olds it is having a bit of a crisis of identity about what it's meant to be doing, who it belongs to and how it's supposed to make money. Creator Tim Berners-Lee has been pretty vocal about his disappointment at how things have turned out - but is there a chance it can still turn things around?
Fourteen-year-old Grant Thompson stumbled on a major security flaw in Apple FaceTime's app as he tried to call his friends one evening. His mother got in touch with the tech giant straightaway, but Apple has taken about a week to deal with what has become known as the Eavesdropping Bug.
Witnesses claim the man also snapped his iPhone in half.
A solution will be issued later this week, the firm said, as experts suggest disabling app.
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