Armed Forces Day

Talking therapy helped me heal after Afghanistan - the key is to seek help early
Ramaphosa overstated the role of the SANDF in what he described as a "flourishing... constitutional order".
He delivered the keynote address at an interfaith service in Kimberley, ahead of Armed Forces Day.
Perhaps the most moving of the accounts is that in that dark and foggy state the men’s voices could be heard as they called to each other.
On Saturday the 25th of June, the UK will celebrate Armed Forces Day. The day is a chance to celebrate and honour those who serve our country in our forces. For some, though, the day is emotional as they remember those they have lost through service in our military. It can be extremely difficult for some families, friends and professionals to take part in Armed Forces Day and to discuss loss with a child.
Calls have been made for a councillor to resign after he referred to war heroes as "armed killers" on Armed Forces Day. Ben
The bottom line for us is providing support - support for those who have done or are doing their bit for our country, and their families, making sure that when they are in need, we are there for them. They have made their selfless contribution and the least that we can do is be there for them in return.
Thousands of people turned out to mark Armed Forces Day in Scotland and in Nottingham at a series of parades and fly-pasts
Prime Minister David Cameron has visited troops on the front line in Afghanistan as a senior British commander claimed talks