Arms industry

The president promoted defense jobs in swing states, pushed through arms sales and gave industry figures top jobs. He didn't get the political boost he wanted.
Labour says ministers "dragging their feet" over key committee – despite concerns UK anti-riot gear is being used against US protesters.
The court's decision does not mean the Government should immediately suspend licenses to export arms to the Middle Eastern country.
If our case at the Court of Appeal is successful, then it will set a vital international precedent, and could play a major role in changing UK arms export policy.
Regardless of the UK’s relationship with Europe, do we want it to invest in people and building peace, or do we want a Europe that takes us further down the path of arms sales, militarism and war?
At a time when we are reconsidering our role on the global stage, let’s choose not to put our own perceived national security and domestic interests ahead of the lives of people living in conflict areas
The arms industry is not a major part of the economy. But it has always enjoyed a totally disproportionate voice in the corridors of power
There are always ethical questions to be asked about private companies working in classrooms. Those questions only become more serious when the companies in question sell weapons
Heaping praise on Saudi Arabia for its supposed reforms is a foreign policy based on deliberate omission