arron banks

"Victory is sweet", Banks says after ruling, indicating he intends to take legal action against the Electoral Commission.
"Neither Nigel Farage or Arron Banks are fit and proper persons and they should never be allowed anywhere near government."
“You’re wishing a potentially fatal accident onto a sixteen-year-old girl, why..?”
Electoral Commission to probe concerns over donations to the party made via PayPal, which does not track the source.
The ex-UKIP leader's lifestyle was funded by the millionaire backer, a Channel 4 News investigation has claimed.
The multi-millionaire is under investigation for “suspected criminal offences committed during the EU referendum”. Arron Banks started out in insurance but has used his massive wealth to make some of the biggest political donations in history. He co-founded the Leave.EU campaign through UKIP in 2016. The source of that money is the basis for the investigation.
While the Arron Banks story will fade away, the issues it raises will not. It's time to sort out our broken campaign rules while we still can