Toruño honours queer women of colour with her vibrant, unapologetic and very public work.
An artist from Somerset has created an installation featuring over 72,000 handmade shrouded figurines to commemorate British Commonwealth soldiers who died in the Battle of the Somme but that have no known grave.
Producer and recording artist Superstar Ace talks about his latest single, "Wassa Wassa", and how his music style is taking over the "turn up" scene.
'It’s healthy to be around others, but it’s also healthy to be comfortable enough to spend time by yourself.'
Living alone definitely has its moments. In fact, it can be downright awesome. And Yaoyao Ma Van As, a 34-year-old painter
'They are part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories and us.'
When you flick through magazines and find heavily-edited bodies staring back at you, it can be difficult to accept your body’s
Confronting Memories is a solo exhibition by Wang Ding-Yeh that is currently being staged at VT Artsalon in Taipei, the city in which Wang was born.
You'll see, if you look at those questions again, that they are shared by the audience member. In fact, every time you make something even just partly for someone else, you let them ask the same questions you're asking of your actions; you make them shareholders in the action.