You might think it’s hypocritical, but I want to change society’s idea of what an asexual person is ‘meant’ to be.
Three years ago, Emi Salida came out as asexual. To some, the term was completely new and incomprehensible but what hurt more were people excluding her from the LGBTQ community as they didn’t think it applied for ‘other’ status. Now, Emi explains the lifestyle to her YouTube community, helping others navigate life as asexual and raising awareness of how it should be part of the LGBTQ community.
On the last day of asexual awareness week, the Guardian published a short article authored by an anonymous ace. The subheader read "I don't judge you for wanting to have sex, so why is it okay for you to write me off as weird?"
For almost fifteen years, and especially since the birth of our youngest child, who is now eleven, my wife and I have struggled with the compatibility of our sex drives. As a younger man I enjoyed the surges of desire that I felt when I looked at my wife, but when I learned that this feeling was rarely reciprocated, I was quite understandably heart broken, after all, shouldn't my wife find me sexually desirable...
Sarah* is a 22-year-old recent graduate from the Midlands. She is part of the 1% of British public that identify themselves as asexual...
Because they challenge the assumption that sex is a biological necessity, asexuals frequently encounter people who try to persuade them that they just haven't met the right person, or are secretly gay, or that they would like sex if they just tried it.
It's hard to understand another person's preferences. For a straight man it is hard to understand why you wouldn't want a woman, the gender that you are attracted to. To be attracted to another man may seem alien and confusing. But really this is the same in not understanding those that are able to run marathons, solve complex mathematical equations, or any other activity different from yourself. That's just the way that person is.
Do we leave space for asexuality when we talk to our children and teenagers about sexuality? This could be crucial for a young person trying to come to terms with their asexuality at an age when they would be expected to raging with hormones.