For Shia Muslims, the remembrance of Ashura commemorates the death of Muhammed’s grandson, Husayn ibn Ali, at the Battle
Knowing this story today is more crucial than ever. First, because it is seen as the only real antidote to the terrorism
This aerial photo shows the Shiite holy shrine of Imam Hussein, bottom, and the holy shrine of Imam Abbas, top, as pilgrims
WARNING: Graphic images, viewer discretion is advised Devout Shiite Muslims have commemorated the martyrdom of the Prophet
Devout Shia Muslims across the world have mourned the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson with rituals including
Going back is always the most dangerous thing you can do because terrorists frequently plant secondary devices, and the crowd so often turn on any westerners who are there. Photojournalists always reside in this complex middle ground between respect and getting the story. Without them we would not know the truth of conflict, and yet there can be a prurient side to our endeavors - what to do, the world should see the truth. We weigh these things up, and make our decisions, and this time it was a mistake, it could have been a terminal one.
Muslims throughout the world have been commemorating the 7th-century martrydom of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson Hussein