assisted suicide

Unlike the campaign for legalising assisted suicide, the campaign for sustainable long term funding for medical research into mesothelioma has struggled to attract publicity, even though it is aimed at finding solutions so that victims such as Bob Cole may have the possibility of an extended life worth living.
Sir Patrick Stewart is supporting the Assisted Dying Bill because to be terminally ill “is a kind of imprisonment and a kind
As a society we are clear that suicide is not something to be encouraged or assisted. Legalising assisted suicide flies in the face of that. It sends the message that, if you are terminally ill, ending your life is something that society endorses and that you might want to consider. Is that really the kind of society we want?
England has the chance through my Private Member's Bill to improve care. The Bill would require all commissioners to ensure their patient population has access to seven day specialist palliative care services, that patients and their families have a clear point of contact in a crisis, that there is advice available at all times to front line staff caring for dying patients and that such staff have all received core training in good end of life care.
With the prospect of Rob Marris MP's private members bill bringing the possibility of legislation to legalise 'Assisted Dying' back on the table, the question must be asked, does the general public really understand the implications of what this means for everyone involved?
Terminally ill people could soon be legally allowed to choose when to die thanks to landmark legislation being put before
Prof Hawking photographed in Princeton, New Jersey in 1979 Following a bout of pneumonia in 1985, he was placed on a life
Lamb, an assisted dying sceptic-turned-advocate and former Care Minister, had also backed Falconer's original bill in 2014
Jeffrey Spector had a final meal with his family and friends before taking his own life A British father who chose to end
Sir Bruce Forsyth has spoken out in support of assisted dying, saying that if he had Alzheimer’s disease or dementia he would