Atacama Desert

Thousands of tourists gathered across the north Chilean Atacama desert on 2 July to experience a rare total eclipse of the sun. A group of blind men and women got to enjoy the astronomical event via a device that changes light frequencies into sound. Chile has not witnessed an eclipse since 1592 but is the best place to watch the phenomenon, as it has the world’s clearest skies.
The mystery of how a mass whale graveyard came to be in the Atacama Desert has finally been solved. Discovered in 2010, the
At first glance, it's rather like a arriving at a swish spa in Arizona or Utah, the natural surroundings and red rock formations are very similar. However, there's still a very South American feel to it, pisco sours served in the bar and a resident flock of llamas and an alpaca.
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This video from the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-Millimeter Array (ALMA) in northern Chile looks at first like a fairly standard
In order to test out instruments to be used in a trip to Mars you need somewhere... well, like Mars. This is the dilemma
It's hard to pick a destination spot in a country that claims over a million square kilometres of Antarctica. With such a vast selection of climates and cultures, Chile offers a slice of South America that is infinitely varied.
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