'Sure enough we can hear a little voice coming from the machine.'
We have all had bad days at the office.  But a repairman in Texas had the mother of all bad workdays on Wednesday - after
A major security flaw has been found in the world's ATM machines which allows hackers to plant a piece of software that then
Millions of banknotes have been rushed to Scotland amid growing fears a Yes vote on Thursday could trigger a run on the country's
Canada may be better than Britain in nine ways (see below), but you can now add a tenth to the list - its cash machines are
This should definitely happen more often...
In a country where crimes against women are witnessing a sharp rise, here's a ray of hope. Or, is it? Sociologists and social psychologists could argue otherwise, saying creating 'exclusive' spaces for women can actually ruin their prospects of achieving social equality
A team of Russian security experts have hacked a cash machine to play Angry Birds. The Positive Technologies team demonstrated
Now, who says you don't get service with a smile any more? YouTuber ssweens113 was so impressed with the cheery service he
Police were called to calm crowds that gathered after a cash machine started dispensing "free money". The cash machine at