aurora borealis

A local photographer says they are the strongest he’s ever seen.
Fast forward one year, to Tromsø, Northern Norway. Stepping out of our apartment, we happened to look up. There it was, the aurora, but this time much brighter. Excited, we rushed over to a clearing in the nearby forest, and stopped and watched as the sky erupted into a beautiful cascade of rapidly dancing green and pink lights, illuminating the city beneath it.
A photographer has captured remarkable images of the aurora borealis over Iceland, which resembles a huge phoenix rising
Acro-paraglider Horacio Llorens has finally filled a lifetime ambition of 'dancing with Aurora' and the results were spectacular
A massive solar flare stuck the Earth's atmosphere a few days ago transforming the skyline of Tasmania with a display of
It's about that time of the year again... Pretty much from now and until the end of March, these are the months of the year where we can get to enjoy the Northern Lights in some parts of the earth.
Owen Humphreys caught the phenomenon over Derwent Water near Keswick in the Lake District. People across the north of England
In my non-expert opinion the most important piece of advice that anyone can take with them is this: don't go for the northern lights; go for the destination. It doesn't matter how much you plan and prepare or how long you spend choosing your destination and dates: aurora borealis doesn't care.
NASA's photo of the day has to be one of the best we've seen in recent months showing what looks like a 'wormhole' opening
After all the recent hype over the northern lights, NASA announced back in June 2014 that the sun's polarity had finally flipped and we were beyond the peak of the current Solar Maximum - a period of supercharged solar activity that usually occurs every 11 years and serves as a catalyst for spectacular northern lights displays.
An enormous geomagnetic storm burst into life above the Earth on 11 and 12 September - and the result (if you could see it
Reid Wiseman is an astronaut that, as far as we're concerned, can do no wrong. After his stunning debut with the dice in
Plane passengers were treated to a natural light show on Sunday night in the form of the majestic Aurora Borealis. The stunning
The Northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, have been spotted across the UK, with a rut of sightings in Scotland
Cast against the backdrop of the Northern Lights, mountain ranges and frozen tundra, these 'selfies' are in a class of their
Taking in-flight entertainment to another level is Paul William's astounding time-lapse of the Aurora Borealis shot from
Neon green lights reflect in the freezing waters of southern Iceland in some of the clearest snaps of the aurora borealis
As ridiculously huge balls of burning hydrogen tend to do from time-to-time, the Sun occasionally throws off huge bursts
Icicle formations hang from the belly of this glacier in the chilly gloom of one of Iceland’s most remote spots. Shot by
Europe's Arctic wilderness is already hosting its own Christmas lights - as this dazzling display demonstrates. Amateur photographer