Areas most at risk from technological change include Brexit Party target seats Corby, Boston and Skegness, Great Grimsby and Mansfield, says Onward.
The Creator restaurant in San Francisco is employing a machine to create its burgers and it's proving to be a hit with customers. The burger patty moves along a conveyor belt as fresh ingredients are sliced or grated on top of it. According to the restaurant, it has taken them eight years to develop and perfect the machine.
Rather than fearing the rise of the machines, I would encourage business leaders to embrace technological change and the benefits it can bring to their workforce
Labour MPs and activists warn automation will see more industry jobs lost than under Thatcher.
And it's getting millennials interested in farming.
'The challenges and opportunities ahead for Blackburn are very different to those for Brighton.'
History confirms that displaced workers always find other jobs and the effects of the growing digital economy won't change this trend.
This widespread uptake of autonomous vehicles will re-shape our cities further. With seamless, and instant, on-demand autonomous vehicles, why own a car? Why pay for parking? Why devote so much precious urban real-estate to inanimate metal objects? An MIT study estimated that Singapore could reduce the number or vehicles by two-thirds with full automation.
Imagine how society initially reacted to the introduction of the motor car, or the TV set. These things are now fully, and warmly, embraced like a family member and regarded as the social norm.....but what about the impact of technology on human emotions?
Construction, a term that encompasses activities related to the creation of physical infrastructure and related activities plays a crucial role in the economy of any country. It has been estimated that output of the sector comprises a significant share of 40 to 60 percent of gross fixed capital formation...