Around 1,800 jobs are being axed at insurance giant Aviva over the next three years as part of an overhaul to save £300 million a year. The group said savings will also be made across central costs, contractor and consultant spend, reduction in project spend and in other areas. It comes as part of a revamp of the group by new chief executive Maurice Tulloch, who took on the top job in March.
The insurer also paid out after fine cracks ruined a waxwork head of Justin Bieber.
We have a range of initiatives and resources to support employees, many of which are available on our internal website for people to download and read or to chat to their colleagues about. All of our leaders attend mental health training, which comprises three hours of learning to equip them with ways of talking with their team members about these matters, and to support them when needed.
I've never been a huge fan of the butterfly effect. The idea that small changes have big effects - like the eponymous fluttering of distant butterfly wings creating the appearance of a hurricane weeks later - can, I have always felt, lead to rather pessimistic thoughts. At its worst, blaming momentous events on a butterfly lets us abrogate our responsibility to tackle big problems with the phrase - "Oh, there's nothing I can do about it".
There are many millions of children living or working on the streets. They are found in every continent and every country. But whether they live in Mumbai, Manchester or Mexico City, they can face many of the same daily risks and lack of opportunities often going unseen and unheard.
"I'll be rounding up sheep, or is it the other way round?" asks Rory Bremner as he fucks about in a field and "That's the
Aviva, one of the UK's best known insurers, announced a catastrophic loss on Thursday morning of £3.05 billion, driven by
The amounts lent to cash-strapped families in informal loans from their friends and relatives have more than doubled in the
According to a recent study by Alliance & Leicester, Brits spend over £1,000 on DIY quick fixes to help spruce up their home
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Advertising boss Sir Martin Sorrell has suffered a major rebuke in one of the biggest pay revolts of the current "shareholder
Much of what I talk about and what we teach at Denny Training, is to ensure that at all times, the customer is at the forefront of every decision we make.
Boss of UK insurance company Aviva, Andrew Moss, is to step down, after a row with shareholders over pay, BBC radio four
The average savings pot among people aged 55 and over has fallen 27% over the past year as more households dip into funds