Baby Animals

Twin ring-tailed lemurs have been born at Chester Zoo. The delightful duo arrived to seven-year-old mum Fiona following 135-day-long pregnancy and have been clinging tightly to her ever since. At just 15cm tall, the tiny twins are each no bigger than ‘tennis balls with tails’ and weigh just a few hundred grams.
We round up this week’s most heartwarming news stories, featuring panda birthday parties, ice cream drone deliveries at Legoland, and a baby giraffe’s adorable first encounter with a rabbit.
We’ve rounded up the week’s good news stories, featuring baby elephants, cows helping out penguins, an office chair grand prix and a snail species brought back from the brink of extinction.
Berlin’s Tierpark released more images of their newest polar bear cub, born on 1 December. The mum and baby will be housed in an isolated area to minimise the risk of the cub picking up an infection.