Against a backdrop of rising sexual violence, her murder sparked furious protests in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka.
People are still living under emergency response measures, which do not allow them to rebuild their lives in dignity, Amnesty Canada secretary general Alex Neve writes.
A huge fire ripped through a neighbourhood in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka. Thousands of homes burned to the ground. It took six hours for emergency teams to tackle the flames. No fatalities have been reported yet but several people have been injured and thousands are homeless.
The US president also didn't appear to know where Bangladesh is located...
The 2018 football World Cup reminded me I was English and British. This cricket World Cup reminded me I was English and British and Bangladeshi.
"If anyone is found to be involved with terrorism, we have a simple rule: there will be capital punishment. And nothing else."
The two sisters, Reema and Zara, reportedly left for Syria in 2013.
We don’t hear about this crisis that much any more – working in the camps myself, I cannot help but feel frustrated
Police and army are still surrounding the aircraft, a spokesperson said.