Meghan Trainor's funky hit 'No' has been stuck in a lot of peoples' heads ever since it was released, and now it's gotten
Rest easy folks, Baracksdubs are back and this time they have surpassed themselves. The President's latest involuntary musical
YouTuber Baracksdubs is back with another masterful mash-up. This time, the editing genius has stitched together some clips
Oh my they've done it again. The geniuses at BaracksDubs have created an incredible montage of Barack Obama singing 'Uptown
Well, we say 'sings'. But it's not exactly as tuneful as Grande's original (see below). Because this is the work of BaracksDubs
Those clever folk at Baracksdubs are at it again - and naturally, their latest video has a seasonal twist. Take it away, Mr
Fans of Barack Obama singing are in for another treat. Here's the President turning his hand, or voice rather, to Demi Lovato's
The inevitable - but no less wonderful for that - mash-up has arrived. Yes, those clever people at BaracksDubs have been
We think this is our favourite BaracksDubs video so far. And we weren't even that much into Pokémon. Yes, once again, the