"The risks are all too real – and they apply to everyone."
There’s a whole new dimension to the challenge facing children today. The nature of ‘vulnerability’ itself is changing, and it doesn’t respect class or privilege
We shouldn’t delude ourselves that the online world is any safer than real life
Ministers say 91% of parents think children need lessons about the risks of sexting
A shake-up of sex education in schools is on the cards for the first time in almost two decades.  Education Secretary Justine
Across the UK there are now 6.5 million people acting as carers for family and friends, a figure that is expected to rise
Many of these children take on all the stresses and strains of running a house at a very young age and this inevitably has an impact on their school attendance, their emotional health and their future.
Angry parents have been caught on camera threatening to call the police after a stranger repeatedly asked for their permission