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'I’m not writing to you as a white man because I hold you responsible for all the stupid actions of other white men.'
While human rights lawyer Shoaib Khan questioned how long MacKenzie believed Manji should have stayed off screen after the
A former Tory cabinet minister lambasted David Cameron on Friday, warning the prime minister risks “demoralising” British
David Cameron could face a backbench revolt over proposals to scrap the Human Rights Act. Repealing the Act is expected to
Blaming places of worship for turning people into terrorists is an "easy answer" when people are increasingly being "radicalised
The government views Muslims "with suspicion" and its engagement with their representatives is "dangerously narrow," former
Ex-Tory chairman Baroness Warsi has called for people to "push back" against the sexist portrayal of female politicians in
The truth is that we must hold both sides accountable for the extremists in their midst and for the violence that they commit. And the best tribute we could pay to the poor, innocent people who have been killed is a recommitment to genuine peace and justice, rather than a strategy based on, to quote Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "a heavy hand".
Former Cabinet Minister Sayeeda Warsi and Grant Shapps were embroiled in a heated Twitter row Tuesday following the murder
Last week Baroness Warsi quit the cabinet. In her first interview after resigning, Warsi focused on David Cameron's Gaza