Battle of Britain

Archie McInnes flew Hurricanes during the battle in the skies over southern England.
One of 'The Few', Geoffrey Wellum, joined the RAF in 1939 at the age of 18.
Britain's patriotic media, owned mainly by foreigners, have condemned Jeremy Corbyn for expressing his opinion - or, rather, failing to express their opinion. Shockingly, a non-religious republican refused to sing a song dedicated to God and Queen.
Remembrance of the rancid Scottish referendum (a battle for Britain?) and the real Battle of Britain came on much the same
The Prince of Wales has joined Battle of Britain pilots and air crew in marking the 75th anniversary of the crucial aerial
On Wednesday morning I was met with a somewhat unforeseen and uncomfortable scenario: defending Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst this is not a position I intend to make a habit of, the onslaught that has followed his silence during a rendition of the national anthem has rendered me with no option but to plead for the defence.
James O'Brien left a caller speechless on Wednesday after the radio show host called him a “disgusting creature” for not
Jeremy didn't feel by singing an anthem in praise of an unelected monarch you show respect for those who fought fascism - in a sense you contradict their bravery by supporting this deeply undemocratic, anachronistic anomaly.
Jeremy Corbyn has defended his decision not to sing the national anthem during Tuesday's Battle of Britain memorial service