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The future of several BBC weather presenters is currently uncertain, after the corporation signed a new deal to change the
The summer we're having is no laughing matter.
We’ve all been there… getting a fit of the giggles at the most inappropriate moment. So spare a thought for BBC Weather presenter
It's true that the same could be said of Paris, but geography dictates that Paris does not routinely feature on the BBC's main UK weather bulletins each evening whereas Dublin does -- yet it is a blank. The BBC should respond to the real interests of own licence payers, and do its bit for Anglo-Irish relations, by putting Dublin on the map.
A Met Office chief has spoken out to reject claims that the reason it lost its contract with the BBC was because of money
The weather is treacherous. Changeable and devious by nature, it swirls and rolls above our heads mocking our pathetic attempts
We've heard there's going to be a bit of an early spring heatwave - but this is ridiculous. Yes, just fast-forward to around
The Met Office has been providing weather forecasts for the BBC for nearly a century, but it looks like that's all about
BBC weather girl Wendy Hurrell was delivering a sunny forecast on Monday night’s news – when suddenly her beaming smile collapsed
The BBC has unveiled an all-new weather app for iOS and Android. The new application comes in response to "a huge increase