The HuffPost UK Entertainment team chat Dolly's vaccine, Rita Ora's encounter with Madonna, and Prince Harry's sightseeing tour with James Corden.
It is good content that will be lapped up by mainstream audiences. But for the young filmmaker looking to make waves in the industry, it looks as though there is little space to cut through. After all, why should a successful commissioner take a risk on an unknown artist?
So the plan on paper is a simple one. Complete a marathon every day for 27 days across South Africa. Unfortunately when you step off the paper and onto the concrete, gravel and rocky roads there's a little more to it. Those with a good memory amongst you may recall that I tried something similar about four years ago and was forced to stop by a Doctor who told me that I'd die if I didn't. Now I'm back and trying it again.
The ‘EastEnders’ team have taken the chance to remind viewers that BBC Three has gone online only, with a cheeky mention
Last week The BBC Trust finally announced that they were going to move BBC Three to an online only channel. Whilst I understand why they made the decision to try and save money and move with the times, I feel like they are making a huge mistake.
A shocking social experiment has revealed how the public is much less likely to intervene in incidences of female violence
‘Doctor Who’ has announced plans for a new spin-off show, ‘Class’, which will air exclusively on BBC Three in 2016. The young
BBC Director Tony Hall announced his intention to close the channel in March last year Jimmy Mulville, who runs production
Had the corporation kept BBC3 on television - where the audience can easily access it - it would have a stronger fighting chance. There is so much content the BBC produces but not all of it gets an evening television slot. Imagine a TV channel that repurposes the videos from Radio 1's Live Lounge, the extensive archive of live festival coverage, and productions by independent writers and producers... But what do I know?
I was lucky enough to be a part of the BBC Free Speech audience yesterday, when Ed Miliband was invited. It was an interesting experience and encompassed questions from the depths of domestic discourse, to the far reaches of foreign policy. This is my take.